Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some fabulous things that I'm loving...

Being new to The Hammer, I am always interested in new stores or cool places. And not run-of-the-mill box stores...unique, small shops that speak to me. Please check them out:

  • Ellenoire is fabulous and it's owner is remarkable. I happened upon Noelle Smith's store while at the Busker Festival in Dundas with Trevor. What I saw took my breath away. Inside are organic and all-natural bath and body products...obscure products that you cannot really find anywhere else and most of all, products created by Noelle herself. I will for sure blog about my fragrance blending experience with Noelle on Sunday, November 23rd! In the meantime, please buy from Noelle! You can buy on-line, too!
  • I found White Elephant by change on James Street North (Jamesville). It's an awesome little store with a mix of vintage finds (tins, books, etc) and new items (Polaroid pendant necklaces...had to buy one!, other jewellery, stationery, etc.). The physical store followed after the success of the Etsy store.
  • Mixed Media is an off-beat art supply store/gallery. It's set within the old James Variety store on the corner of Cannon Street West and James Street North. It's edgy, funky and carries obscure journals and planners. A must see!

That's all for now...but I will continue to post places as I come across them!

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