Thursday, January 15, 2009


I do not want this week to come to an end, only in terms of Colour Week! Friday's quest is a great wrap-up to a pretty cool blog event. I want to thank Leya so much for all of her effort in pulling this together. Yay for Leya at Curious Bird!

The last Colour Week assignment is to capture stripes and/or plaid in any colour combination...
Photo descriptions are as follows:
  1. Striped runner on our dresser.
  2. A fabulous quilt and throw pillows made by my mum-in-law, Ruby (a.k.a. Ma Goddard)
  3. A funky plaid jacket I found for cheap, but never seem to wear. I have just made a mental note to take this piece out of the closet more.
  4. A hiding oven mitt.
  5. A striped pottery mug made by my sister-in-law, Alanna.

1 comment:

Little Miss Evie said...

Amy, I just found your blog. You are too cute!!
Yeah for stripes and plaid!!