Thursday, January 15, 2009

Colour Week Thursday ~ Pink!

Ah, Pink. We have never really liked each other. I will admit, though, your glow does make me smile.

So, now we're face-to-face because we are participating in Curious Bird's Colour Week. And I was able to capture you, cheeky little devil...

The pictures are as follows:

  1. Pink flowers within the lip of a vintage teacup.
  2. Hot pink silk votive holder and flowers on a raffia clutch.
  3. The porcelain flowers were given to me by my Nanny Switzer, who is gone now. It always makes me smile.
  4. Mr. Pink Elephant. Pink Elephants are an inside joke with my in-laws. Let's just say you should never lose a bet! ;-)

I cannot wait until Stripes/Plaid Friday! #1 because it's Friday and #2, because I looooove stripes and plaid!

If you haven't already done so, please go here and check out all of the other highly creative, funkly peeps who are posting amazing photographs!

Until tomorrow...TGIF!

1 comment:

fallen tree said...

My mom has the same porcelain flower-vase thing, only hers are mostly purple, I think. I didn't realise other people had them too!

I looked at the picture and immediately thought "hey, that's my mom's!"

Kudos on the think pink aspect of your posting today, too. Any moment a person can bring up breast cancer awareness is definitely worth taking advantage of in my books. I hope your Nana is on the road to cancer freedom! We're working on year number 5 for my mom.