Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Adirondack Chairs,

Never has a chair brought me so many memories. I favour you over any other chair in the world. You're comfortable and you pretty much have tables for arms... super for holding reading material, a glass of wine, a beer.
I began my love for your kind when I was kid when my Nanny & Grandpa Switzer had two, just like you, in their backyard in Ottawa. As I got older, I began to associate you with the cottage, sitting on the dock and catching some rays.
You two, specifically, were wedding gifts and I was over the moon when I saw you waiting, as a surprise on our lawn, along with a Home Depot card for stain/paint purchase. That was two years ago and you have both been naked that entire time.
The point of this letter is that you're a bitch to stain. But now as I see you back in your perfect spot, on the front porch, I love you even more.
P.S. I highly doubt I will paint you again, so please wear your stain well! Thank you.

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sonrie said...

nice job with the stain. they look great!