Monday, May 18, 2009

Lovely Holiday Monday...

Old window as decor in the Funky Garden...

...another shot of the Funky Garden...

...the Funky Garden in its entirety...

...Carol's Garden...she saved the evergreen tree, so the garden is rightfully hers *wink*... rocks...
Even though I am off work, it still felt like a holiday Monday! Delightful!
Trev worked on the race car and I took care of yard detail:
  • unearthed garden rocks and replaced them in two gardens
  • planted some seeds
  • flipped mulch/soil in 4 beds
  • separated and replanted many hostas (I love hostas...hearty little suckers!)
  • added more plants and rocks to the Funky Garden
  • cut down tulips and daffodils that were nearly done
  • put up patio table and umbrella
  • swept the decks
  • watered all plants


Tomorrow, housework beckons. And I am talking major housework, people. Cleaning windows, shampooing rugs. Wish me luck, please!

Wishing you a marvelous Victoria Day!


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Modern Crush said...

Ohh I love that little Aster sign!! So cute, and perfect for the funky garden!