Saturday, May 16, 2009

switz~art's 100th post!

Yay for switz~art's 100th post!
It certainly has been a fun ride and I have been incredibly fortunate to have
met a lot of fantastic fellow bloggers along the way. The journey has only just begun...
I have found that I have been more apt to create jewellery or other things, because of the
inspiration found out in "blogland". Blogging has also relieved any sense of shyness I would have had in the past. I love the comments, and of course welcome the compliments, but love the constructive criticism as well. Bring it on! :-)
So, let's blog.
Today is a loungeful day. Trev has only had one service call early this morning and he was back in time to help me take this monster to the vet:

She may not look like a hellion, but this cat becomes instantly possessed once we enter the vet's office. Molly has been making it clear, the past few days, that her left ear is itchy. Upon looking in her ear, I noticed two blood blisters and some crud. After our visit, it was determined that Molly has a pollop, but in her right ear and thankfully it's benign. For the next 14 days we will be on a regimen of ear ointment and will return to the doc on the 17th day to see how well the pollop has shrunk. I have to smile, because after the hissing, growling and attempts to bite everyone in the examination room, my Mo is sitting here beside me as I write this. *sigh*

I am making a big 12x12 book to house all of my ideas, articles and such. It's going to be like a colossal creative bible of sorts. Above are the covers: two 12x12 canvas. On the back of the canvas, I have made pockets: a perfect space for loose papers, etcetera. I will be sure to post the finished product.

For the lettering on the torn bits of handmade paper, I used my go-to set of alpha-numeric stamps. This set belonged to Trev's grandfather, Grandpa Jones. As previously posted, Grandpa Jones was a printer. He actually had the giant printing press in the basement, but this was a small kit that Mama Goddard had kept and had given to me. I love it and have used it many, many times...

I am off to curl up with my crabby cat and continue A Homemade Life. I am hopelessly addicted to this wonderful book. It has been rather refreshing to read these delicious non-fiction stories and corresponding recipes. I am fairly happy that the Twilight series is done (for now, at least!).
Happy Saturday!


bettyninja said...

Congrats on turning 100!

I just finished some more yoga painting. I am very out of shape!

Anonymous said...

have you watched the Lisa Hannigan video with the pop up book?
I think maybe it is the scale of your book that reminds me of it.
The necklace arrived today, and I can't thank you enough!
I don't think I can say so well, how touched that I am!
I feel very fortunate to have met you, and to have been the recipient of such thoughtful insights and encouragement!
thank you,
thank you,
so much.

sherri said...

glad your kitty is ok and happy
100th post!

Modern Crush said...

OH I long for lounging... and I love your kitty!