Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Treating & Binding

You know when you really don't want to clean your house, but you know you have to and it's going to feel awfully great when it's all done? Well, it did get accomplished, but I threw in a few projects on the fly, just to keep me on my toes!
Since we moved in to this house last July, the kitchen had only a white blind on its one window. And you know, normally this eats at me, but I was cool with it. Until now. It needed something, but I didn't want to spend money.
Dad and Mama #2 had given us the exact dragonfly iron doorknockers that we had to leave behind at our former home, as they were fixed to the house. Since this house has doors that do not have the room to accept a doorknocker properly, I wondered where the perfect place would be for these. Today, they became the focal point of my window treatment (I really hate calling it a window treatment, but is there another name for it? Decoration?). I fixed both dragonflies up and draped burlap between them, using raffia to tie it together. I quite like it and it suits the rustic feel of the kitchen.
My second project was to bind my creative "bible". Trev and I checked out Staples and Micheal's on the weekend and I could not locate anything suitable. I ended up using this super funky wool I had on hand and hopefully it will do the trick. I love the raw look of it!
I feel rather productive. But you know, I would love a maid. One that worked for free. Takers?
Until tomorrow...


sonrie said...

love the book! and good idea on the window treatment.

Modern Crush said...

Let me know if you find her - I would take good care of her! Hehe, I am convinced we all need a maid!!