Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Treats...

Today's post is a bunch of randomness... just the way I like it!

Tea makes me weak in the knees... husband (not one to eat the healthiest grub) turned me on to these tasty little cookies.
Trev discovered them on his travels, as they're served on WestJet, the best darn airline ever!

I love my sweet mutt, Cecilia. With Trev's hectic work schedule, she and I have bonded like nobody's business. The only thing I am not so fussy on is the grey muzzle that becomes more and more apparent. It reminds me that she's not a young pup, but at 6.5 years, we have still have a long time together. Thank goodness for that...

My ingenious Aunt Kerry suggested making retro hedgehogs out of these prickly pears.
Hee, hee!

I just had to pick a few little stalks of lily of the valley while out watering the garden tonight.
Other things I am diggin' right now:
  • Volunteering for a cause that is close to my heart. My first 2009 volunteer event starts next Tuesday in Burlington.
  • I am really looking forward to an upcoming stay at The Fairmont Royal York. The history and the decor is incredible and I love being in the heart of Downtown Toronto. I also love it because I can take these amenities home! The smell is incredible...
  • Sites that make me laugh are always a good thing. I love this one and Sherri at The Claw always has me in hysterics! This blog will give you a good ol' belly laugh, too.
  • Enjoying my morning coffee/tea sitting here.
  • Partaking in free (yummy) beer here.
  • Getting a great summer do with the appropriate highlights. I need to ditch the dark helmet on my head.
  • Planning a trip to Belleville to see my peeps. I think the week of June 8th may just come to fruition.
  • I cannot stand lipstick but love lip balm. However, lip balm does not often provide any colour. This lip stain by Joe Fresh is stellar and costs only $6. The peach and candy colours are my favourites.

What are you diggin' now?



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