Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, today I made a pitstop into one of the better Winner's locations in the area, on the way to visit The Nana.  As I waited in the checkout (after locating killer Missoni sunglasses for $30!) I took a look at the lady in front of me...

...a total double of Stiffler's mom. 
She wore a black leather motorcycle jacket, a tiny beige corduroy miniskirt, a fedora and these boots:

Very cool.

Some other fun things I am thinking are very cool at the moment:

Bracelet (on sale!) found at Aldo.

The pages of the Toast home catalogue that was in my mailbox a day after the clothing one arrived!  Excellent!

I am truly loving the get-up on this gal found on The Sartorialist

Everything just works.

Happy Tuesday!


sherri said...

I love that actress and thought at first you saw her, then I realized it was just her double. Odd, I saw my Mom's double today and it was fuh-reaky. Very twilight zone.

bananas. said...

ah ha...stifler's mom!!! MILF MILF MILF MILF!!! whoa just flashbacked to junior year of high school.

ps. those boots are bad ass. i'm telling you blue boots are the new black right now. best get on it!