Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RED~GREEN Week: Day 3

I am so thrilled!  Thank you to Sherri and Erin for playing along in RED~GREEN Week!

A festive purse in the's gotta come out!

A felt poppy I made for Remembrance Day...'cause we should ALWAYS remember.

Happy Hump Day!


bananas. said...

HAPPY HUMPING TO YOU TOO!!! woop woop! love the red bag. doesn't look used much...might want to send it my way.

hehe. i kid. have a good day!

Modern Crush said...

Yay for the purse! And you have a lot of pants, or maybe I just have no pants. I mean, I have pants on now... oye.

only a movie said...

Love the bag and the poppy. :-)

Cristin said...

I will try like hell to get a red and green post up this week... Love the poppy.

sherri said...

I am stunned by how neat your closet looks. I am truly a slob. love your reds!


you an a roll darling!
I saw lots of people wearing poppies for Remembrance Day in London, but most of them 're plastics, yours is felt...wooohhh